Social CRM

There is an increasing need for CRM systems integrated with social networking & social media.

What does social CRM mean to you?

…while content is an essential foundation, it’s also what you build on it and how it’s packaged that determines success. And how you relate it to the reader/viewer so it resonates and ideally motivates them to retell the story and spread the word (and your message!) Why Storytelling is Key to Social Media Marketing | oneforty

Social Media Optimization Best Practices Research

What are your best practices for social media optimization? Share your thoughts, tips, advice and expertise here. I am working on a new article and your insights will be added. I will post my experiences as well. 

Empire Avenue Tip - Tag users in messages

When sending a message to other Empire Avenue users, use the EA tag to hyperlink to people you are referring to. For example, if you tag (e)MIKSU in your message, when the message is received, the reader will be able to click on that profile. 

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The Real Mikael Pittam

After working in the semiconductor industry in R&D, package development and design engineering for several years, Mikael ventured into project management. Some of the clients he has worked with include Linkin Park, AllVoices, RapBasement, United Way Silicon Valley and other local Bay Area non-profit organizations. He is an early adopter of blogging, lifestreaming, Facebook marketing and Twitter. He can be seen throughout the blogosphere successfully experimenting with social media. Mikael is an online journalist for Technorati, BlogCritics and His two main joys are being married to his soulmate and using her creativity as inspiration for his ideas.

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