Google+ Tip: How to switch between your profiles

With all the cool kids on Google+, everyone is trying out new features. Like the multi-account sign-in for Gmail, you can switch between your G+ accounts too. With this tip, you can use all of your G+ accounts in one browser.

Simply change the number in the URL. Here is an example - change the ‘1’ to ‘0’ or ‘2’.

NOTE: You should have already activated the multi-account sign-in.

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How to add the Google +1 (plus one) button to Tumblr

Google +1 plusone plus one button badgeAdding the Google +1 button to your Tumblr site is quick and easy.

  • Choose which configuration of the +1 button you want: +1 Webmaster Configuration Tool
  • Visit your Tumblr Dashboard, click on ‘Customize’
  • Click on ‘Theme’ on the menu bar and enable custom HTML
  • Copy the following code as required by Google and place it in the correct area: 
<!— Place this tag in your head or just before your close body tag —>

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

  • Then, copy this code: 
  • Place it before the {block:ContentSource} tag
  • Click ‘Save’

Please let me know if this works for your Tumblr site. Any other tips & suggestions?